My name is Natasha Maxwell.

I am a professional real estate and personal photographer. My passion for art and photography has been a major part of my lifestyle and career for more than 15 years. I also teach journalism to high school students online and in person, helping young adults cultivate design, photography, and writing skills for future careers.

Why choose me as your photographer?


 I consider myself unique in this industry as I teach journalism and work to capture the story of a moment or place. Now, with my husband battling Stage 3C Choriocarcinoma, I understand more than ever how important it is to document our experiences with loved ones. I also take this same enthusiasm into creating marketing content and materials as a graphic designer. I am versatile enough to work in both commercial and private settings.

How I got started:


I first began taking professional photos in the Marine Corps as a military police officer to  record evidence. I soon found that the skills I developed to capture images could help me tell dynamic stories and document memories. I started by photographing all of my friends and family as well as my own family moments. Then I began working in communications where I learned new skills and started to create commercial marketing content. I found passion in creating infographics, newsletters, designing websites, and educational materials. I have been teaching high school English since 2019 where I incorporate journalism, graphic design, marketing, and photography into my curriculum to promote practical career skills that my students can use for a lifetime. 

My family is experiencing a difficult time, something that many people don't expect to happen, especially during a global pandemic. My husband recently received the diagnosis of stage 3 nonseminoma cancer. Being the type of person I am, I want to be available to my husband for his appointments and to support him throughout chemotherapy; however, I also want to continue providing for my family. Photography helps sustain my family while participating in a creative process that brings me much fulfillment.