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Adults Trauma-Informed Mindfulness


$10 per class



For flexible payment options, please contact me directly. 

About the Course

In this 12-week course, students will meet weekly to develop dynamic coping strategies and techniques to reduce stress, improve focus and attentiveness, and increase self-awareness through learning about the neurological and physiological effects of trauma. Learning how the body responds and reacts to stressors helps students understand how to move from an emotionally reactive state to a logically responsive state where effective choicemaking becomes simpler.

Students will receive a journal for notetaking, links for free guided meditations, and additional online resources to further explore mindfulness outside of the classroom.

Daily Class Structure:

  • Arrival, welcoming, and affirmations

  • Guided meditation and relaxation

  • Instruction

  • Practical application and interaction

  • Cool down circle and feedback

Your Instructor

Natasha Maxwell, M. Ed.

Natasha Maxwell, M. Ed.

Before finishing my graduate program for education, I first completed a Bachelor of Science degree in social sciences with specialization in trauma-informed practices. I planned to become a licensed counselor, but I found my passion pulled me toward educational services with my love for teaching and learning. I now utilize my background in social science and education to help students understand the mind-body connection and how to develop healthy coping skills and strategies.

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