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Children's Musical Theater




12 Weeks

For flexible payment options, please contact me directly. 

About the Course

Curriculum and Standards

Using curriculum developed using State of Michigan standards for learning in Music Theater and Visual Arts, I teach a variety of performance arts techniques and skills to help students develop social and emotional intelligence, increase self-esteem, decrease stress and frustration, improve mental focus, and promote healthy coping strategies. 

Why Your Child Will Benefit

My students have ample opportunities to move their bodies, understand the dynamics of their mind, express their creativity, and develop friendships with peers while learning about hobbies and skills of interest to them. The freedom of working within a studio allows students room to move and experience learning hands-on while working together to complete projects or prepare for performances. 

In 12 weeks of performance arts training, your student will: 

- become introduced to a variety of performance arts techniques and skills

- engage in weekly physical activity and movement

- develop stage familiarity and comfortability

- learn to analyze and interpret scripts and musical lyrics

- explore dimensions of characters through dramatic texts

- develop informal and formal artistic vocabulary

- understand how culture influences and impacts art

- make connections between many types of artistic industries

- become introduced to core music fundamentals

- learn to identify and solve problems with creativity

- use organizational strategies to plan, produce, create, and perform

- learn to articulate and communicate effectively

- understand civic and community responsibility

Your Instructor

Natasha Maxwell, M. Ed.

Natasha Maxwell, M. Ed.

As a teacher of Title I students (socioeconomically disadvantaged, underserved, and at-risk youth), I have become aware of need for social emotional learning and development outside the traditional classroom environment. Dysregulation of the mind and body causes many challenges for people learning to cope in a complicated world. Somatic (physical) release through music, dance, and visual arts helps the mind and body return to a regulated state which we call homeostasis.

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